With thirteen years of judicial experience and twenty four years of legal experience and over thirty years serving children in North Carolina, Judge Shuford is fair, experienced and qualified to stay on the bench for the 27B Judicial District, serving Cleveland and Lincoln counties of North Carolina.

Years of Judicial Experience
Years of Legal Experience
Years of Serving Children

Judge Shuford's Qualifications

Judge Shuford presides in District Court in Cleveland and Lincoln Counties.
She makes decisions in both criminal and civil cases.

Her experience handling complex cases regarding children and their families is beneficial to the citizens in this district.

Judge Shuford is experienced in Civil Cases

Domestic Violence: Judge Shuford has gained valuable experience presiding over this court. She has also received specific judicial training for these types of cases. Prior to becoming a judge, she represented plaintiffs and defendants in these types of cases for over nine years.

Family Law Matters: Judge Shuford has gained valuable experience making difficult decisions in these complex cases during her tenure on the bench. In addition, she has participated in many judicial training courses regarding these issues, including classes in Child Development. Prior to becoming a judge, she devoted the majority of time in her law practice to representing men and women suffering with the emotional and financial stress that comes with a broken marriage. She has prepared hundreds of separation agreements and consent orders, counseled clients during mediations and when necessary, she represented them during a trial before a District Court Judge.


Juvenile Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Court: Judge Shuford spends a significant amount of time hearing these cases where the lives of children are at stake. The intensive training she received to obtain her Juvenile Certification has been very beneficial. During her time in private practice, she represented parents accused of abuse and neglect of their children, and later served as the Guardian ad Litem attorney advocate where for a period of more than five years, she fought to protect the best interest of the children.

Juvenile Delinquency: Judge Shuford frequently presides in juvenile court. She has gained valuable experience presiding over these difficult proceedings. The specific training she received is imperative to protect the individuals involved in these proceedings. Prior to becoming a judge, she represented children appearing in this court.

Judge Shuford is experienced in Criminal Cases

During her service as a District Court Judge, Shuford has sentenced thousands of individuals who have pled guilty to various misdemeanors, infractions and some felonies. She has heard hundreds of trials and determined whether a person is guilty or not guilty, based on the evidence presented to her during the trial.

She decides whether individuals should be incarcerated or released from incarceration, placed on probation or have their probation revoked, and she determines the amount of fines, restitution and other monetary penalties. Prior to becoming a judge, she represented individuals charged with various crimes in District and Superior Court. On occasion, she served as a private prosecutor for some individuals.

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